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July 16, 2021

There are so many Pilates courses out there to choose from that it can be really tough to navigate which course fits you best. We think student testimonials are one of the best things to research why trying to decide on a particular Pilates instructor training course. Other important things to research include; making sure the course includes practical, hands-on teaching by both the trainer and the student, an observation component, an apprentice teaching element, a wide variety of exercises as well as injury and pregnancy training and theory.

We have complied lots of student testimonials over the years that our PPF Instructor Training has been running. We hope you learn a lot about our PPF teacher trainer from these (and we didn't even pay anyone for these glowing reviews!:)

"The course was incredibly hands-on and interactive. You can tell Emily's heart and soul went into creating her teacher training programs and the manuals you are provided with are pure gold!

I use these course manuals every time I write a program for my clients, there are hundreds of exercises in them and each exercise has an image so you can
understand how to do the exercise correctly.

I could not recommend the PPF teacher training courses more highly. I will forever be grateful for choosing PPF to become qualified."

Jasmine, Pilates instructor.

"The course is very practical and hands-on as possible.

During the course we learnt the theory behind Pilates and movement, but most importantly we learnt the ‘why’ behind every exercise and each movement.

After the course, Emily (my teacher trainer) was amazing at providing an ongoing support line – I always felt I could contact her and ask questions, and I still do!"

Telanie, Pilates instructor.

"Some tips for future PPF instructor training students: be ready to learn, listen and engage with the course material as much as possible.

Go home and practice after each day of the course.

And don’t bother looking anywhere else - PPF’s training is better."

Paige, Pilates instructor.

"I chose PPF instructor training because I had been taking Pilates classes at PPF for a few years, and I really enjoyed the way their instructors explained the movements to me.  I’ve done Pilates for several years at a lot of different studios, and Emily and Chris were able to get me to do more with my body than any other studios or instructors.

I had been thinking about becoming an instructor for a while, but I was really unsure of where to go for training.  When Emily advertised that she was going to be offering Pilates Instructor Training, I knew that would be the best fit for me to begin my Pilates instructing journey.

My favourite thing about the PPF training is Emily.  Emily is the ultimate teacher.  She has a way of explaining things so clearly that I still hear her voice in my head when I’m teaching, three years later!  

Her manuals combined with the in person experience of the training programs are everything you need to teach anyone, in any environment, with confidence.  

Emily is so passionate about what she does, and she inspires everyone in her training programs to be every bit as passionate about what they are doing.  

She leads her students through so much content in an organised way, keeping everyone focused and on track, yet she allows plenty of time for questions, discussion and most importantly, time to practice teaching.  

I so enjoyed my time in Emily’s Instructor Training Programs, and I was genuinely sad when they were finished.  I learned so much, and made some lifelong friends and colleagues – I wish I could do it again!  I have never hesitated for a second to recommend the PPF Instructor Training Program to anyone I know who is thinking of becoming an instructor.  It’s the best decision you’ll ever make!"

Katie, Pilates instructor and Studio Owner.

"The course was held in a very positive, non threatening environment with a great group of students."

"The sense of community we had with all the students in the course was wonderful."

"I loved the intimate student class size, the material in the manual is phenomenal and will be used as a 'bible'! The enthusiasm and warmth of the instructor trainer made this a brilliant experience."

"It was a great course which I found very useful not only to my instructing but also to my own Pilates practice! I especially loved learning about props, injuries and pregnancy."

"A really comprehensive course, good group size (not too big), lots of encouragement for creativity and not too 'by the book'!"

"I loved how interactive the course was. Also due to the smaller class size there was more one on one attention".

"It is such an enjoyable and knowledgeable course. Challenging, interesting and fun. Thank you so much! Can't wait to do another course with you!"

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Course dates: 15th to 19th July 2021

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