How to get a job in the Pilates industry

April 16, 2021

There is a LOT of information out there about how to become a Pilates instructor and get a job in the Pilates industry. There's so much in fact that it can be really tough to figure out what where you go after you complete your Pilates instructor training. Our instructor, Kim, who has done her fair share of Pilates and fitness training (and them some!) shares her BEST TIPS for how to get a job in the Pilates industry.

Step 1:  Start with the best training! 

Choose a training course that gives you practical, hands-on teaching to give you absolutely everything you need to start teaching asap.  Ensure your chosen training course has an observation element most courses will require you to observe a certain number of classes or hours prior to receiving your certification. This crucial element ensures that you can convert your learning into practical application and give you the confidence you need to start teaching straight away. Also ensure your First Aid and CPR qualifications are up to date and ensure you have the appropriate professional insurance as well.

Step 2:  Observe

Trial different studios or watch several different instructors at the same studio, if able - this will help you determine what instructing style works best for you. Hopefully this will form part of your Pilates training, but if not, make it your own requirement. Observing classes will also give you a feel of where you would prefer to work! Find a studio that feels like a good fit for you, your style, your ideal clients, and your goals as an instructor. Ideally you want to be spending a lot of time there, so find somewhere that feels like home!

Step 3: Introduce yourself

If you have found a studio that really clicks with you, get talking to the instructors and find out how to apply to work there. Send an introductory email stating your qualifications, your experience, your availability and what you are hoping to achieve, and if the studio is the right fit, they will respond. If you know an instructor who already works at the studio you like, ask them to put in a good word for you.

Step 4: Be available

You may not gain permanent classes straight away, but studios are always looking for covers. A regular instructor may go on leave or call in sick which leaves classes that need to be covered. The more you cover, the more the clients get to know you and like you, the more positive feedback they give to the studio owners and manager: the more likely you are to be first in line when a permanent set of classes becomes available. Be open to receiving opportunities and opportunities will be directed your way.

Step 5: Join Social Media groups

Now, this may not be for everyone as we know that social media doesn't sit well with everyone. However, most fitness industry groups have social media pages to advertise covers and permanent classes, and for instructors to post their availability. Social Media pages also keep you up to date with new training courses, workshops and other learning opportunities.

Step 6: Keep learning!

You may start with your Mat Pilates training which is a fabulous place to start. However, only having Mat Pilates training will limit your teaching options, depending on your preferred studio's class offerings. You will be far more employable if you also have your Reformer Pilates certification. Add in additional certifications such as Barre and HIIT, and you will be even more desirable as an instructor. Any other training courses that you chose to do will continue to add to your knowledge base, enhance your understanding of the body and how it works, help with variety and keep your classes fresh, and continue to improve your standing as an instructor.

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