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Mums & Bubs Reformer

Our mum and bubs Pilates classes in Brisbane are perfect for postpartum mums and newborn bubs. You are instructed through a Reformer class, focusing on regaining your core strength after giving birth. Older kids are welcome; however, we recommend you bring headphones for your older children if they are watching on an iPad, as these classes can be noisy!

  • Socks
  • A water bottle
  • Everything for your baby - A pram, bassinet, capsule, bouncer, mat, whatever they feel comfortable in, as well as snacks, toys, nappy bag, the whole house!

Postnatal mums, as soon as you are cleared by your medical practitioner (usually 6 weeks postnatal minimum). Mums with older kids are also welcome; we recommend bringing some activities for your older child to keep them entertained!
Why try
Mums & Bubs Reformer
Bond with your bub

Gain confidence in handling and communicating with your baby while enjoying postures that allow you and your baby to interact.

Build strength and mobility

Gently strengthen and tone the muscles that may be a little tender and needing reconditioning.


Meet other mums and bubs through our class community.

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Mums & Bubs Reformer

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