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A Jump-board attaches to the front of the Reformer, transforming it into a horizontal jumping apparatus! Using the jump-board in a Pilates class creates a choreographed and low impact cardiovascular routine. Your core, glutes and thighs will be jelly by the time you finish this 45 minute dynamic workout!

  • Socks/Pilates Socks
  • A water bottle

Open to all levels, however, this class is not recommended for clients with lower back disc bulges and/or chronic knee or hip pain. Prenatal clients must cease attending this class by the end of their first trimester (12 weeks). Postnatal clients can participate with medical clearance.
Why try

Why try Jump-board Pilates:

Finally a FUN Cardiovascular workout

Get ready for a fast, continuous workout that is lots of fun!

Low impact jumping

The light spring tension of the reformer removes gravity from the jumping, therefore when jumping there is a feeling of very light impact.

The class that keeps on giving

When clients perform a 15-20 minute jump board sequence, their heart rate is raised for an extra 15-30 minutes post workout, which burns more calories than a traditional Pilates class does.

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