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prenatal pilates course

Teach Prenatal Pilates with confidence

This comprehensive course is for Pilates Matwork & Reformer instructors who want to become confident in teaching Prenatal Pilates. Many Pilates instructors are scared to teach prenatal clients. This course will eliminate this fear by providing all the theory, guidelines and exercises you could ever need to know to instruct safe and supportive prenatal Pilates classes.

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What this course includes:

  • Detailed theory on the pelvic floor, diaphragmatic breathing, the physiological changes during pregnancy, pregnancy myths and pregnancy related injuries,
  • A breakdown of every prenatal Pilates exercise, including the setup, breathing pattern, technique tips, additions, injury modifications and the resistance (for Reformer exercises), 
  • How to program for prenatal clients with pregnancy related injuries, 
  • Eight Prenatal Class Programs, 
  • Comprehensive Matwork & Reformer first, second and third trimester Pilates exercise guides,
  • Pilates specific Prenatal exercise guidelines (so you will never be confused about what exercises and positions a prenatal client can and cannot do, 
  • The flexibility of a self-paced online course, in which you can complete in your own time. 
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Why this course?

At the completion of this course, you will:

  • Effortlessly adapt Pilates routines for prenatal clients in standard classes.
  • Teach with confidence, ensuring safety and creativity for women throughout their pregnancy.
  • Master the technique of workshopping exercises tailored for those with pregnancy-related injuries.
  • Understand in-depth which exercises are pregnancy-friendly and the reasoning behind such choices.
  • Possess valuable tools to offer consistent workouts, bolstering the prenatal experience and aiding postnatal recovery.
  • Design specialised programs for both Prenatal Pilates Matwork & Reformer sessions.
  • And, lastly, you'll have enriched your grasp on anatomy and deepened your Pilates expertise!
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Lifetime access

With this course you will gain:

  • Unlimited access to our online training portal, which includes video demonstrations of each exercise,
  • A 245-page printed manual posted to you, with a  detailed breakdown and pictures of every single exercise and,
  • Access to our trainers who are here to answer your questions at any point in your learning.
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Why we created this course

Co-owner of PPF & Head of Education Emily Boult has instructed thousands of prenatal clients, as well as having practised Pilates throughout her three pregnancies.

“I created this course after observing that many Pilates instructors were afraid to instruct prenatal clients, as they lacked the confidence that comes with understanding the theory behind pregnancy. Once instructors are empowered with the knowledge and guidelines regarding how pregnancy and exercise work together, instructing prenatal clients becomes second nature. Pilates instructors who have completed this course have gained infinite confidence and find it so much easier and more enjoyable to instruct prenatal clients!
— Emily Boult, PPF Co-founder and course creator
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Course details

Assessment and Certification

There is one written multiple-choice exam to complete once all the videos have been viewed. Once you pass this exam, you will receive a certificate of completion that is recognised across all Pilates studios.

Course prerequisites

  • PPF Online Anatomy Course, or Certificate III in Fitness or a Certificate, Diploma or Degree that covers Anatomy;
  • Pilates Matwork course;
  • Pilates Beginner / Level 1 Reformer course.
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Teach Prenatal Pilates with confidence

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