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Matwork Pilates

Pilates on the mat will engage your core like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Working with your own body resistance is challenging; however, there are levels for every ability. The use of simple props will work every muscle in your body. You will feel lengthened, strong and worked after every class. Be prepared to work harder than in a Reformer class.

  • Socks
  • A water bottle

Open to all levels, as well as prenatal and postnatal with medical clearance.
Why try
Matwork Pilates

Full body workout

Work your entire body in just one class. Just like Reformer Pilates, it also strengthens and tones. 

Do it anywhere

No equipment necessary, although we do recommend a mat, socks and a water bottle.

High intensity, low impact

Gentle on joints. Easily modifiable moves for all skill levels.  

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Matwork Pilates


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