Instructor Training FAQs

I'm not a Pilates or fitness 'professional', can I still do the courses?

Absolutely you can! It does not matter how much fitness experience you have. Our Anatomy and Matwork courses teach you the fundamentals of movement and Pilates basics, so you will have a strong foundational of knowledge to begin your Pilates instructor journey.

We teach a wide range of students: those who love Pilates and want to learn more, others are looking to advance your own skills and technique, several are interested in Pilates as a side hustle / passion project, and some are looking for a new career path. Whatever your goal is for doing the course, we are here to help you achieve it!

What is included in the course costs?

The Premium Pilates and Fitness & Reformer* course costs includes everything, including:

A Hard Copy of the detailed course manual, which includes a comprehensive breakdown of every exercise,
The Fundamentals of Pilates,
How to Instruct a Pilates exercise using a step-by-step structure,
How to Program Classes,
Class Program examples,
How to Assess Movement through Postural Analysis,
Over 100+ Pilates exercises, including Cues, Challenges and Injury Modifications,
Pilates Prop additions for every exercise,
How to program a Pilates Matwork class for low to moderate injuries,
How to program a Pilates Matwork class for Pre and Postnatal clients,
Access to our studios for your post course observation, practical and apprentice teaching hours,
Access to our studios to film the post course exam,
Ongoing mentorship from the Premium Pilates and Fitness education department.

In addition, our students have first priority for hiring opportunities at the Premium Pilates and Fitness studios.

*Our Reformer course covers the majority of the above (with the exception of the Pilates fundamentals etc, as these are covered in the preceding Matwork course), as well as over 140+ Reformer exercises.

Is this course recognised?

If you have met all the course requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Premium Pilates and Fitness course you completed (Anatomy, Matwork, Reformer etc). Premium Pilates and Fitness courses are recognised in many Pilates studios and gyms across Australia.

Where does the course take place?

There is pre-course work to be completed prior to the Matwork course. This is done both online and using your course manual (which is posted to you) so it can be done from the comfort of your own couch. The contact course days take place at the Premium Pilates & Fitness Coorparoo studio, located at 193 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo, Brisbane. The post course work can be done at a Premium Pilates & Fitness studio or another Pilates studio, as well as in the comfort of your own home.

What happens if you don’t pass an exam during the contact days?

The written and practical exams during both the Matwork and Reformer course contact days are participation marked, not pass or fail. We all need to start somewhere, so whilst getting up in front of your peers and instructing small groups can be daunting, you will receive valuable feedback which will help you on your instructor journey.

What happens after the course contact days? Am I a certified Pilates instructor?

Not yet! After the course contact days, students are required to observe 15 Pilates classes, participate in 10 Pilates classes and apprentice teach small segments of five Pilates classes. The participation classes can be done online, however we do recommend attending studio classes if possible. The observation and apprentice teaching hours must be done at a Pilates studio. These hours can be completed at a Premium Pilates and Fitness studio or another Pilates studio.

Once all the above hours are completed, students are required to submit a video of themselves instructing which will be marked against criteria they have been given. We recommend that students practice this video several times before filming it. This post course work applies to both our Matwork and Reformer instructor training courses.

The video will be awarded a pass or fail and will provide you with detailed feedback, to assist you to become an incredible Pilates instructor. When you pass this final assessment you are then a certified Pilates instructor. The post course work often takes around six months to complete, but some students complete it quicker and some take longer. (Please note that the practical exam must be submitted within one year of the course commencing).

If you are unsuccessful in your first exam attempt you are able to submit a second exam video at no additional charge. This video must be submitted within 30 days of your first exam results. If you are unsuccessful in your second practical exam you will be required to attend the course again at a 50% discount of the original course fee.

Once I'm certified, how do I find a job as a Pilates instructor?

We’ve written a really great blog about this! Check it out here.

What do I need to wear and bring to the course contact days?

All the essentials: lunch, snacks, water, socks, pens, highlighters, comfortable activewear and a jumper or layers. There is quite a bit of theory to go over, so some students even bring pillows / cushions so that they are comfortable when they sit still and write.

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