Telaine's Pilates Instructor Journey

July 6, 2021

Telaine or T (as she is often called by the Premium Pilates and Fitness family) has been a Reformer, HIIT and Barre instructor for almost 2 and a half years. She is beloved by clients for her super tough classes and her wicked sense of humour! Below Telaine shares her Pilates instructor journey, beginning back in 2018, when she completed the Premium Pilates instructor course. Telaine explains how she maintains her health and fitness, all the while managing a full time job and Pilates instructing as a side hustle! You are a true inspiration T!

What inspired you to enrol in Premium Pilates' teacher training courses? 

Growing up I have always been actively involved in athletics and sport. When I decided to take the Matwork and Reformer teacher course I was exercising inconsistently and a little uninspired. I wanted to try something new and after taking a couple of Pilates classes at various studios I quickly became hooked. I decided to enrol in the Pilates teacher training courses mostly for my own benefit, to gain a deeper understanding of Pilates.  

What did you love about the course?

The course is very practical and hands-on as possible, which I think is wonderful.

During the course we learnt the theory behind Pilates and movement, but most importantly we learnt the ‘why’ behind every exercise and each movement.

We were encouraged to apply our pilates knowledge to our own style of instructing, so we could be creative!

After the course, Emily (my teacher trainer) was amazing at providing an ongoing support line – I always felt I could contact her and ask questions, and I still do!

Do you feel more confident after completing the Pilates teacher trainer course?

Absolutely! Emily (my teacher trainer) may have even been tricked into thinking I was shy during the course, because I was so nervous!

My confidence has only grown as I have continued to instruct. The biggest thing I have learnt is we are all human and being your self is all the clients ask of you!

Like anything, practice, practice, practice! With practice you will become a better Pilates instructor and more confident.


Where are you currently working? 

I work full time as a Commercial Analyst in Social Infrastructure property development. In my ‘spare’ time, I work as an instructor at PPF teaching reformer, HIIT and barre.


How do you manage Pilates teaching as a side hustle and full time work? 

A diary – game changer! I can be a scatterbrain so I have be organised, it has to be written down, but I love to be busy!

I also know that I am my best self when I move my body.

I know balance can feel like an unattainable goal sometimes, but I try my best. Every Sunday night I sit down and organise my week; I write down all my commitments to both my full time job and my Pilates job.

How do you manage to fit in your own workouts?

I prioritise a time every day to make sure I move my body; I treat it like an important meeting with myself.

This looks different every day, sometimes it’s a run, a pilates or HIIT class or even just some squats and planks in front of the TV while I am cooking dinner.

What do you love most about being a Pilates instructor?

My favourite thing is when clients finish my classes and you can see on their faces that they feel better than when they walked in. I feel lucky that I get to be a part of their day, that helps them to feel stronger and healthier.


What is one tip you can give to Pilates students?

It is so important to continue to attend Pilates classes for your ongoing learning. I have never come out of a class without learning something new! You can always learn something from other instructors.

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