How a career switch changed my life

May 7, 2021

Jasmine, or Jas, as she is more affectionately called, left a career in Real Estate to pursue her passion for Pilates and has never looked back! In October 2020, Jas made the brave leap to switch careers from a full time desk job to a full time instructing role with Premium Pilates and Fitness. Jas talks us through her story below and how changing careers transformed her life.

The beginning

Prior to becoming a Pilates Instructor, I worked in Real Estate as an Executive Assistant to the Principal of the business. I had worked in various roles within the company for several years before working my way up. It came to a point in my Real Estate career where I realised there was no one in the company who had a role that I wanted to work towards. I was satisfied in my role however there was still a part of me that wanted something more.

Jas's passion for health & fitness

Exercise for me has always been a passion and something I have enjoyed from a young age. During my senior years at high school I completed a certificate three in fitness and worked at a gym completing a traineeship. I worked at the studio before and after school and on weekends. When I graduated school, I moved from Toowoomba to Brisbane and got a job working at Fitness First. Initially I worked as a receptionist, however soon I started instructing small group classes. Another one of my roles was to instruct new members through an introductory workout. Whilst I absolutely loved my time at Fitness First, there was always a part of me that thought working in fitness was more of a hobby, rather than a career path. With the benefit of hindsight, I think that I had been conditioned by society to think success meant going to university and working in a corporate role. With these thoughts in my head, I left the fitness industry and pursued a different path.

The Pilates passion begins

A couple of years ago I joined Premium Pilates and Fitness as a member. I quickly fell in love with Pilates and could noticeably see and feel the difference in my strength and definition. I also enjoyed going to class as I was so focused on the movement and correcting my form that my mind had a break from life stress. I would rave about Pilates to my family and friends and wanted all of them to feel the benefits I was feeling. I remember leaving class in the mornings and thinking how much I wanted to stay at the studio and instruct, instead of going to the office to work.

Pilates instructor training

I started researching several Pilates instructor training courses. I naturally found myself drawn to Emily's Premium Pilates and Fitness' instructor training. I had been to many of her classes and knew she was a phenomenal instructor who was incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and a true master of her craft. If I was going to invest a significant amount of money and time in a Pilates instructor training course, I wanted to learn from someone like Emily. When I first enrolled in Pilates instructor training, I did not have any expectations on where it would take me. I wanted to learn as much as I could to improve my own practice, even if it didn't result in a career in Pilates.

The side hustle starts

After completing my Pilates Matwork course I knew I wanted to become an Pilates instructor! I went on to complete my Reformer training with Emily and the desire to instruct grew stronger. I was incredibly fortunate to be offered a casual role at Premium Pilates and Fitness in June 2020 and I started teaching a few classes a week and on Saturday morning while working at my office job full-time.

Switching careers

I lasted about four months working both jobs. I absolutely knew by then that I wanted to put all of my energy into Pilates and instruct full-time. I finally understood the saying 'love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.' Now I work full-time with Premium Pilates instructing around 25 classes a week and assisting with the back end of the business.

Changing careers transformed my life

I absolutely love what I do. What I love most about instructing is sharing my passion with other people and seeing them experience the benefits Pilates has to offer. I often see new clients struggle initially when they try Pilates for the first time, however, they continue to return week after week, and improve exponentially. When I see this, I feel so incredibly happy and proud to be a part of that growth. To me that is the definition of being successful and happy with your career.

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