Why Do I Need To Do An Introductory Pilates Class?

August 12, 2022

Have you seen our intro classes on the timetable and wondered what they’re about? Or maybe you’re brand new to Pilates and you’re not sure where to start? Intro classes are the way to go! In this blog we explain what to expect in an intro class and why it’s so important to attend one if you’re new to the studio, even if you’ve done Pilates elsewhere.

What is an introductory Pilates class?

An intro class will take you through the safety aspects of a Matwork and reformer class, the terminology used in Pilates, the fundamentals of Pilates and gives you the opportunity to express any past or ongoing injuries that the instructors should be aware of.

Here at PPF, you will start in the floor room where the instructor will ask if you have any past or present injuries, pregnancies, or any other information that the instructor should know about you that may require exercise modifications.  

You’ll then learn the fundamentals of Pilates such as how to activate the pelvic floor, correct breathing techniques and some basic exercises that you may do in a regular class. During this time, the instructor will use Pilates terminology to get you accustomed to that kind of language. Think of the intro class like a ‘Pilates for dummies’ book!  

You’ll then move into the reformer room where you’ll familiarise yourself with the equipment, including safety precautions and some fundamental exercises. This is why attending an intro class prior to a regular Pilates class in Brisbane is so important.


Safety first! Your safety is our biggest priority! It’s so important to learn how to use the pieces of equipment (reformers in this case).There are many moving parts of a reformer including the carriage, the footbar, the springs and also the straps. The intro class will guide you through how each of these parts move and how to set the reformer up for different types of exercises. Every studio has different reformers so it’s key to learn how our reformers differ from another studio that you may be coming from.

Reformers are also very expensive machines with expensive parts. Although they are mostly pretty robust, it’s important that you learn how to treat the reformers with care so that other clients can enjoy a well-maintained piece of equipment after you. Your instructor will also explain how to clean the equipment during the intro class.

Learn the terminology

There is a lot of Pilates related terminology that is mentioned in a regular class. It is important to recognise this terminology to help you understand the purpose of the exercise. An example of this is learning the principles of Pilates which consist of breath, alignment, axial elongation, control etc. Your intro instructor will help you understand these terms better.  

There is also a lot of anatomy used in a regular class, so it’s important to understand what your ‘core’ consists of, what your neutral spine is and different types of pelvic alignments – just to name a few. If you understand the terminology, it will give you a better understanding of the purpose of the exercise which will speed up your progression. If you have any questions, make sure you ask your instructor during your intro class!

Learn the fundamentals

The fundamentals of Pilates is one of the most important aspects of an intro class. You need to learn how to walk before you can run! Every single Pilates exercise is based off a select few Pilates exercises that were created by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. These exercises are the foundations for everything else so it’s essential that you understand these movements before moving into anything else. Getting a grasp on the fundamentals of Pilates during your intro class will better prepare you for future Pilates classes.

Discover your ability level

During the intro class you will also figure out your ability level. At PPF, all of our Matwork and reformer classes are inclusive of beginners and intermediate levels. However, we offer level 1 and level 2 options during the class to cater to different ability levels. Most of the people attending an intro class will be absolute beginners and will stay with the level 1 options for 6-12 months before feeling like they can take on a level 2 option.  

Here at PPF, we recommend sticking with level 1 options for at least 3 months (attending 2-3 classes per week) and reassessing from there. There is no pressure to ever move to level 2 options as we are all different and require different things from our Pilates practice. If you have any questions about the levels, please speak to your instructor and they can help you.

With all of that being said, if you are wanting to try out our classes, please book yourself into an intro class before attending a regular class, even if you’ve done Pilates before. This allows you to become familiar with PPF and how we can best help you with your Pilates practice.

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