What to know before your first Pilates class

August 31, 2021

Over my years of instructing I've met so many clients who all say the same thing; 'I wish I'd started Pilates earlier!' What is stopping you? Mostly the reason seems to be that people are scared of starting Pilates! We here at PPF want to remove this fear, so our instructor Zoe has complied five things that are helpful to know before starting your first Pilates class. We hope it helps you take the leap and try Pilates; its well worth it!

It’s okay to feel nervous

Doing something new is always a bit scary. However, if you’ve been meaning to try out a Pilates class for a while – just do it! If you are worried or nervous, think about why you wanted to try it in the first place. Whether your reasons were to improve flexibility, strength, or just move your body in a different way, Pilates will help you with your goals. Pilates is so versatile and will cater to everyone. There will always be easier or more challenging options if you need it. Remember, everyone starts off as a beginner.

Try an intro class

Adding on from above, an introductory class could be the way to go! Especially if you’re completely new to Pilates. Intro classes are fantastic as you’ll be shown the basic exercises, what the focus is for each one and will learn the essential foundations of Pilates. If you’re wanting to do a reformer class, you will also be taken through how the equipment works and how to use it safely. The intro classes are great; when you do book into a class, you’ve got the basics in your pocket.

Be patient with yourself

It is totally fine if you are a little overwhelmed during your first class. Pilates is difficult not only on the body but also the mind!There are lots of cues that instructors give out to help you perform the exercise correctly so just remember to take things slow and listen to the cues. Also, try not to compare yourself to the people around you as they might have been practicing Pilates for years!

Ask if you’re not sure

If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing, just ask the instructor! They are there to help you and guide you through the class.There is absolutely no shame in asking for more information or even just asking them to watch your form more closely.

Let the instructor know if you have any injuries or concerns

This is so important! Your safety is the instructor’s number one priority. Even if you think that old back injury from 10 years ago isn’t important – it definitely is! Pilates works your body differently to any other form of conditioning and can highlight weaknesses from old injuries that you may have forgotten about. Informing your instructor of your injuries and concerns will help them to be prepared with a modification for you if needed.

You’re probably going to have sore muscles!

It’s important to recognise that having sore muscles is a good thing! It just means that muscles have been worked differently to how they are used to and need a little recovery time. Try not to book yourself in to 4or 5 consecutive days of Pilates as your body will probably not be able to cope. Like anything, your body needs time to adjust to different movements. I’d leave a day or two in between classes to make sure your body is getting the recovery time it needs in order to get stronger as well as avoid any chance of injury.

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