5 Steps to Maintaining Wellness

April 29, 2021

Hi everyone, Chris here, with my guide on how to maintain wellness, 365 days a year.

There is so much information, 24-hour news cycles, and persistent images of perfection thrown at us on a daily basis. It is truly mind boggling and almost incomprehensible for anyone to maintain their mental and physical health. So, I decided to establish 5 positive habits to achieve good mental and physical health, or 365 wellness, if you will. I believe this is much healthier for me (and everyone) instead of trying to achieve improbable perfection and constantly comparing ourselves to those on our social media feeds.

1. Put the phone down

One of the most prominent inventions in the late 20th century was the mobile phone (1). Since I have been alive the mobile phone has gone from a brick with as much capability as a newborn baby, to a super computer that fits in your pocket and could theoretically start World War III. According to my phone data (Screen Time in settings on iPhone) I used my phone for a total of 5hrs and 4mins daily! That is 21% of my day spent on the phone. Admittedly, a lot of the time is me listening to podcasts which give me great joy. However, for 52-minutes, I was on social media. Nearly 20% of the time I was using my phone was spent aimlessly looking at shit that doesn't help my mental or physical health.

Never fear though! There is a way to limit time spent on your phone.

— In settings, under the "Screen Time" tab, you can put limits on how long you spend on each app.

— Whether you want to limit your time on your socials or everything, this is a handy way to disconnect and be present when doing other tasks.

2. Exercise

Weird that I would tell you to exercise, right? If you didn't get the sarcasm there that's on you. Exercise is a great way to feel better! It releases all those good chemicals in your brain that give you the warm and fuzzies. They are great for helping you not get out of your car, punch the driver in front of you in the face, and drive off.* Furthermore, it will prevent you from developing chronic conditions, help you sleep better, and give your love life a little extra kick (more sex if that wasn't clear) (1).

— *Premium Pilates & Fitness does not condone the punching of strangers in the face.

3. Rest Days

Having a rest day is very, very important. Our body needs to recover from the exercise we do, and our mind needs to recover from the constant barrage of everything! I must admit, I struggle with rest days. I am trying to get better at taking them and not feeling guilty for having one. I know I will feel better in the long run but changing our habits is a challenge.

How can we ensure we have a rest day?

— Schedule it! Write it down in your calendar. If you use your phone for your calendar and are trying to take a mental health day from your phone; buy a diary and write it down. This will help your brain too!

4. Hydrate

We all know water is important. So, drink more of it! If your pee is starting to look a bit yellow, you're probably due for some more water. Other than keeping your urine a nice clear colour, Water keeps your body healthy and fighting fit! Here are just a few ways:

— Water helps fight off illness, such as constipation, kidney stones, exercise-induced asthma, urinary tract infections and hypertension.

— It assists in boosting energy by activating your metabolism. One study discovered that drinking 500ml of water in men & women increased their metabolic rate by 30%.

— Water keeps your brain sharp. Research reveals that not drinking enough water can negatively impact your concentration, short-term memory and alertness.

— It keeps your skin bright & glowing. Drinking enough water daily will keep your skin hydrated, fresh and may even assist with collagen production. (2)

5. Read a Book

Books are great. My love for reading only formed in the last 5 or 6 years. Books can take you on an emotional rollercoaster! They're filled with wonder and adventure, they can broaden your vocabulary and encourage learning, help prevent cognitive decay, and from my own personal experience, can help you doze off at night (3) & (4).

So there are five positive habits I try to implement into my day to help my mental and physical wellness. They are not too tricky or time consuming to add into your daily routine either. In fact, by having less screen time you will give yourself more time for other activities, such as reading and exercising. When I'm having trouble sticking to the above 5 habits, or just sticking to 365 wellness, I remind myself of a quote I love: 'you don't have to be extreme, you just have to be consistent'.

I'll leave you with some 'Chris wisdom':

I like to think about life like this: if you control what you can, do things that excite you and make you happy, implement some positive habits and stay as hydrated as you can, you may be able to achieve what you perceive to be perfection for yourself.

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