How to Provide Your Clients With the Best Pilates Workout

April 22, 2022

Clients come to a group class for the atmosphere, a social experience and instructor expertise. Here are a few tips to give your clients the best workout and overall class experience.

Instructor Attitude

Instructor attitude can make or break a good class for clients. No matter how you are feeling, come to work with a smile and an enthusiastic attitude! Start by greeting clients at the door, showing them that you care, welcoming them into your class.

If you know their name, greet them using their name and endeavour to learn the names of clients you don’t know. Using the client’s name shows that you are personally invested in them and their progress. Being kind and positive by asking how they are, makes clients feel special and is the start of a beautiful client-instructor relationship.

In today’s post covid world, so many people are working from home, meaning you might be the only real social interaction that your clients have that day. However, don’t leave the positivity and enthusiasm at the door when greeting clients, keep up the energy throughout class! Use empowering language to motivate your class throughout their workout and applaud good technique and hard work, whether this is general or individual praise.

Remember to check in with them after class and tell them to have an exceptional day!

Plan your Classes

If you are new to instructing or a seasoned veteran, planning your classes can help with class flow and the effectiveness of your client’s workout. For a newer instructor, it can be hard to know where to start. Always have your classes prepared but make sure you have some exercises in the back of your mind in case you need to make some modifications.

Pick a theme or a class structure that works for you! Many instructors love to begin with a core warm up, as it helps clients with continuous core engagement throughout the rest of class. You can choose a muscle group, prop, spring, or mobility challenging exercise and plan your classes around these themes.

Focusing on a muscle group can help overload that muscle, which can be done by super-setting exercises or adding layers and progressions, in turn leading to muscle strength and endurance. While choosing a muscle group may help you to start off, remember to work the whole body and attempt to include a variety of movement directions such as rotation and extension movements. Know your springs and select exercises that flow into one and other or movements that require minimal spring changes.

Most importantly, know your exercises well, how to check and alter technique and the progressions and regressions for each exercise. Keep your client’s abilities in mind and remember that your classes don’t have to be crazy and complicated like something you might see on Instagram, the basics are just as effective!

Your Delivery

Be clear and concise in your cueing and make sure your clients can understand you. Remind them of technique tricks and Pilates’ principles such as breathing and core activation. Using imagery cues can help clients visualise the movements and technique. Think ahead and know what’s happening next so you can be prepared to cue for it!

Most importantly, Pilates should an enjoyable experience for both the instructor and the clients. You get to interact with your clients and learn more about their goals and motivations. Instructing clients with a range of abilities allows you as an instructor to further your knowledge of the Pilates Practice.

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