Client of the Month

August 26, 2021

Our Pilates community is such an inspirational bunch that we created Client of the Month so we can commend you!

Each month, we at PPF select a client who has gone above and beyond and shown exceptional dedication to their health and fitness.

Every client has a different story regarding how Pilates has helped their lives in so many ways.

We hope you enjoy reading about our amazing Premium Pilates and Fitness family!

PPF Clients of the Month

Client of the month for October is Sally!

Sal first came to PPF many years ago, when we had a little studio in Stones Corner! I still remember Sal coming to Mums n Bubs barre with a backpack filled with weights as a substitute baby carrier and making friends with all the mums! I don't think I've met anyone as committed to exercise as Sally is, coming to HIIT straight after her PT sessions, and focusing so much on every workout. Sal also genuinely cares about PPF's instructors and is such a positive, bubbly person! Here's to you Sal!

You've been coming to PPF for years! What keeps you coming to us?

The environment, community, and fantastic instructors keep me coming back for more and more. Just when you think you have Pilates where you want it, PPF knows how to keep challenging you to get strong, recover when you need too and centres you when things are tough. It’s a great place to be no matter what time of day you train.

You've recently added Yoga classes to your PPF weekly routine. What do you love about our Yoga classes?

As a newbie to yoga, I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. However, I was hooked after the first class, thank you Kim. I can’t miss a week now. I love yoga for the calming recovery my body needs and the grounding peace you feel after a class. To see progression in the poses, especially the dreaded chair pose after jump board class for me is great. Yoga has enhanced my training, recovery and calms my mind when I feel stressed.

You prioritise your fitness so well! What is a tip you could give people who aren't as dedicated to exercise?

My tips would be think of fitness as part of your daily or weekly routine. Make time to appreciate your amazing body, be consistent and have fun! Find a place like PPF where you are part of a family that will grow with you.

I would also like to say that I appreciate PPF as a whole, the diverse classes, two studios to choose from and the burn my muscles feel after every class. The instructors are  kind, challenging and love to bring on the burn. I can’t speak highly enough of PPF, thank you for creating this amazing supportive community that welcomes all with open arms.

Client of the month for September is Kathryn!

Kathryn has been a client with us since late August 2019! I can't recall ever having a client that tries harder in class or that critiques her own technique more! Kathryn also lends a hand to all clients, by helping them grab the props they need or assisting them with where to go if they are new to the studio! She goes above and beyond to help PPF as well; by really caring about every instructor, by referring so many people and by assisting with all our laminating and printing needs, without being asked! You are such a beautiful soul Kathryn.

What is your favourite thing about our Matwork classes?

I have been coming to classes at PPF for two years now and do multiple classes each week but still, every class, there will be a new variation on an exercise that I haven't done before and I'm sure those who have been attending longer than me could say the same. True story - I didn't even know where my glutes were before starting Pilates, but safe to say that is no longer the case. I love the greater understanding I have of my body and its muscles from the expertise the instructors share during each session.

What keeps you coming back to our Barre classes?

Barre classes are, for me, the perfect combination of variety of exercises, a combination of pace to raise the heart rate and an opportunity to be aware of form to maximise the impact of each exercise. So addictive!

What is one piece of advice you would give to people wanting to try Pilates?

As someone who had not done any regular, formal exercise beyond walking for over 30 years, Pilates has been so accessible. The strength that I have developed over the past two years also reassures me that I am doing the best I can to support my own health. And we all know what a friendly welcoming community the PPF family is! PPF sessions are always a highlight of my day/week. Forever grateful!

Client of the month for August is Tania!

Tania has been a PPF client since 2013 and pushes herself with every PPF class she does. She needs to stay fit to chase after her three grown up boys:) Tania does almost every class type we offer and the results show; she looks incredible. Every instructor and client adores Tania, as she is sweet, so much fun and always asks how everyone else is doing. No matter what day Tania has had, she brightens up our studio with her warm smile. We love you Tania!

Can you describe what you love about these classes in just a few words:

HIIT – I love the kick you in the butt workout you get out of HIIT.  I love being able to push myself every class.

BARRE – Barre takes me back to my baby ballerina days.  I absolutely love leaving class with jelly legs.  Such a great glute and thigh workout.

YOGA – Yoga is an awesome combination of stretch and balance.  I always leave feeling limber and energetic.

What keeps you doing Pilates after all of these years?

I began Pilates after being involved in a car accident and suffering a whiplash injury.  My physio suggested I give it a go and I was hooked, plus I think of PPF as part of my family.

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?

I can't choose! My top 3 are: Snake, any planking variation and inner thighs in the straps.

Client of the month for July is Lyn!

Lyn is one of PPF's vintage clients, joining us in late November, 2012! She is so positive and friendly, always happy to help out new clients and joke around with everyone, spreading 'Lyn' cheer. She shows up to every class she books and gives 100%. She has even made Pilates an all family affair; her husband Tony and son Thomas are long time members of PPF as well! She is a joy to teach and such a wonderful part of the PPF community!

What do you love most about your PPF workout/classes?

I love that I always feel so more relaxed after a class. The combination of the friendly instructors and the intense workouts mean I forget all my worries and walk out with a spring in my step (even if those steps might be painful the next day). And I love that no class ever feels the same as another - the instructors are always learning & developing new ways to challenge and strengthen my body.

What does health & fitness mean to you?

My health & fitness means everything to me. We only get one opportunity to live this life and I know I need to look after my mind & body so I can enjoy it to the fullest.

What benefits have you seen since starting Pilates?

There’s so many - my posture is so much better, I have hardly any lower back pain & I’ve regained almost full movement in my shoulders after years of injuries.

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