7 Reasons to Become a Pilates Instructor

May 6, 2021
Teacher instructs student in Pilates instructor course

Sometimes it is tough to know whether you should pursue your passion as a career (or side hustle). Over my years teaching Pilates, many students and clients have asked me "Should I become a Pilates Instructors?". They enjoy participating in Pilates classes and are passionate about this form of exercise, however, they wonder if this is 'enough' to pursue Pilates as a job.

Kim has been teaching Pilates for many years. A favourite instructor amongst our clients, today Kim shares her 7 reasons to become a Pilates Instructor. Read on to find out if becoming a Pilates Instructor is right for you!

1. You LOVE Pilates

This one is pretty obvious, but I do recall the first time I ever did Pilates and I just knew this was the thing I'd been looking for! At the time, I was thinking this purely from an exercise point of view. Little did I realise that Pilates would change my career, and my life, forever! So if you feel the love and passion for Pilates deep in your bones, that is a great reason to explore becoming a Pilates Instructor!

Pilates instructor student enjoys mat Pilates class

2. You love helping others

If you search Instagram, you will see many many people who are fabulous at Pilates. But as a Pilates Instructor, your job is to help others be fabulous at Pilates. You want to help people move in a way that eases their pain, strengthens their body (to avoid future pain), enhances their ability to play certain sports or just move better in their daily life. The desire to help others experience the physical and mental benefits of Pilates that you enjoy yourself is a wonderful motivation to become a Pilates Instructor.

Pilates instructor teacher corrects student

3. You like to keep your body and mind active and healthy

You know how great your body feels doing Pilates and you know how much others can benefit. There are so many people who haven't yet uncovered how Pilates could improve their wellbeing, and you want to share your knowledge with them so they can be active and healthy too. You know that Pilates is so much more than just the physical toning benefits; its a way of life, and even a form of meditation for some! If you feel this way about Pilates, you may be on the path to becoming a Pilates Instructor!

4. You want to share your passion for Pilates with others

Are your friends getting annoyed that you talk about Pilates all the time? Do you need an outlet to share your passion? Become a Pilates Instructor! Your clients will revel in your passion, and soak up the information and wisdom you have to share. Plus, Pilates Instructors form an incredible community, and your colleagues and peers will love to share new ideas and techniques with you. If you can't stop talking about how amazing this form of exercise is, becoming a Pilates Instructor may be your purpose!

5. You want to make a difference

Some jobs may not make an obvious or direct impact on others. As a Pilates Instructor, you will see the rewards of your work every day! Clients may come to an early morning class struggling to get going, and bound out of your class ready to face the day with vigour! Others may come after a difficult day at work and leave with a smile as the exercise endorphins ease their stress. Plus, you get to witness clients achieve their health & fitness goals like improved strength, posture and alignment, reduction of pain, reduction of injury, and increase in overall wellbeing. Working as a Pilates Instructor is an incredibly rewarding job.

6. You want something different to the 9 to 5

Teaching Pilates is not a 9 to 5 job. If you would prefer not to be chained to a desk, the flexibility of teaching Pilates will be very appealing. As you teach, your body will be in continuous movement, bringing energy to your classes and students! Early mornings, mid-mornings, lunch time sessions, evening sessions “not to mention weekends“ there are options for everyone! If you crave a different lifestyle than sitting at a desk, this may point you towards a career as a Pilates Instructor.

7. Or, you want a side hustle that fits around your 9 to 5!

Want to know another great thing about becoming a Pilates Instructor? It's so flexible that if you don't want to leave your 9-5 (or aren't quite ready yet), you can still pursue teaching Pilates as a side hustle! If you are lucky enough to love your current job but just want a little extra – Pilates is perfect! You can take an early morning class before work, take an evening class after work, work weekends while hubby is minding the kids, or even pick up additional classes when you have holidays. Many, many instructors do this and find that Pilates is their 'passion' project or side hustle. So even if you aren't ready, or don't want to dive in full time, Pilates could be your dream side hustle.

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