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PIT (Matwork)

Featured in Body + Soul, PIT (Pilates Interval Training) was created by PPF co-owner Chris! Born in our very own studio, PIT combines the controlled movement patterns of mat Pilates with set intervals, resulting in a full-body workout that targets each muscle differently. So, if top-to-toe toning is your objective, PIT is your new best friend. Be prepared to LOVE this unique, full-body workout and to experience the magic of Mat Pilates!

  • Socks/Pilates Socks
  • A water bottle

Anyone who has tried Pilates before or completed their Intro Class at PPF. Exercises can be adjusted for all abilities, as well as prenatal and postnatal, with medical clearance.
Why try
PIT (Matwork)
Get toned

While both regular Pilates and PIT are whole-body workouts, PIT does a better job of targeting isolated muscle groups with each exercise.

Improve mindfulness

Pilates focuses and the mind-body connection, but PIT amplifies this, taking the mindfulness you experience to new heights. This extra time on each exercise means more in-depth focus.

Get out of your comfort zone

As a PIT class involves repeating five to nine exercises for several rounds, there is so much scope to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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PIT (Matwork)


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