• Reformer


    Premium Pilates and Fitness™ classes are 50 minutes long in duration. Classes are structured to provide an all-over-body defining and strengthening workout and are tailored to each individual client’s needs.

    Due to our intimate class sizes, we are able to instruct clients that all have varying levels of endurance, strength, fitness and injury and provide each client with a high level of attention and personalised service.

    Our classes will always vary depending on the experience and strength of each individual client in the class. Exercises will be given to each client depending on their abilities and level of fitness – another advantage of having intimate class sizes.

    Please bring a pair of socks to every class as they are compulsory on the reformers. We recommend you bring a water bottle to class to stay hydrated. You can purchase water at the studio for $1.00 if you forget your water bottle. Some clients like to bring their own towel to class, this is optional. Please wear appropriate exercise attire to every class.


    If clients are new to Pilates, have never used the reformer machines before, or have any debilitating injuries it is compulsory to attend an Introductory class. The times of these classes will vary depending on demand. Please phone or email the studio to enquire about or book an Introductory class. Alternatively, you can book online via our Mindbody Online booking system.

    During your Introductory class, your instructor will show you how to operate and exercise on the reformer machines, cover the basic principles of Pilates and take you through a 30 minute workout. You are welcome to attend as many Introductory classes as you like until you feel comfortable joining a regular class.

    Please note that ALL clients are required to complete a compulsory medical form prior to attending their first Premium Pilates class. This form is essential as it assists your Instructor in providing you with a Pilates program specialised to you achieving your Pilates goal/s.

  • Barre


    Total Barre is a controlled cardio workout with a combination of Pilates and Dance. Our 50 minute Total Barre classes are designed and instructed to to help you achieve the muscle control and toning you desire from your Pilates experience.

    No prior experience with Pilates or Dance is required for you to start our Total Barre classes. Our wonderful instructors will guide you through your Total Barre experience with first class care. To book your class head to our Mindbody Online booking system or click the “Contact Us” link above for any questions you might have.


  • Matwork



    Matwork Pilates brings all the elements from the Reformer down to the floor. If you are looking to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body, Premium Pilates and Fitness Matwork classes are definitely for you.

    No prior Pilates experience is required to take part in our Matwork classes and we cater to any experience level. Whether it is your first class or your hundredth, Premium Pilates and Fitness Instructors have the knowledge and ability to give any level of client the best workout possible.

    To book for our Matwork classes, head to our Mindbody Online booking system, or click the “Contact Us” link above if you have any further questions or enquiries.

  • HIT

    High-intensity Interval Training is programmed to give you a full body, intensive workout for 50 minutes.

    With a variety of strength, cardio, and mobility, varying time intervals of work and rest make these workouts enjoyable with the right level of difficult for all.

    HIT is a great way to boost both your cardiovascular and skeletal muscle endurance1. No prior experience is required to join our HIT classes. All you need is a water bottle, a towel, and the drive to work hard and fast!

    To book for our HIT classes, head to our Mindbody Online booking system, or click the “Contact Us” link above if you have any further questions or enquiries.

  • Stretch

    Our Stretch classes are a great way to unwind after your training and maintain your body the best way possible.

    Stretching has been shown to improve flexibility, increase blood flow, reduce stress, improve range of motion and reduce chance of injury. Our stretch classes are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

    To book for our Stretch classes, head to our Mindbody Online booking system, or click the “Contact Us” link above if you have any further questions or enquiries.