Our Philosophy

Owners/Operators Chris and Emily Boult built Premium Pilates and Fitness from the foundations, to implement a studio that has the benefits of both small group Reformer classes and group Fitness classes; combining both elements of strength and cardio vascular training.

Trained by Physiotherapists and experts in the field of fitness, Emily and Chris combine their knowledge of functional anatomy with their own years of Pilates and physical fitness experience to deliver tailor-made Pilates workouts for their clients.

At Premium Pilates and Fitness™ body awareness, breathing patterns, and muscle and joint movements are integrated into every Pilates class. With our intimate class sizes, our instructors are able to provide clients with an enhanced and personalised service.

Clients will develop control over their bodies which will result in benefits such as increased flexibility and suppleness, definition and strength of muscles, improved posture and the reduced risk of injuries.

Emily and Chris are dedicated to their clients and to helping them to achieve their goals through the regular practice of Pilates. These goals include shaping and toning of the body, weight loss, injury management and rehabilitation, increased fitness, strengthening, improved posture, flexibility, balance and core strength.